Truly Great Coffee

Bold Cup Coffee is a family owned and operated craft coffee house in Viera, FL since fall of 2017.  We specialize in roasting direct trade coffee with various organic selections in specialized brewing methods.

We also serve made to order delicious organic loose leaf teas. Our cozy atmosphere and customer service is like no other! Stop in to relax and refuel!

 Pour-over Coffee 


Imagine the ability to maximize the essence and grasp the delicious tasting notes from the freshest coffee in the land with ever lasting consistency from pour to pour. 


Our baristas are trained in various pour overs methods including: The Aeropress, The Chemex, The Ceramic Mug, The French Press and The Japanese Syphon.

You are in control of the roast level and the origin of the coffee bean. No method tastes the same. You must try them all.


Consistancy - Direct Trade

Light Medium Dark

Direct trade coffee is seen by many as the most reliable form of acquiring green coffee beans. Green coffee beans are purchased directly from coffee growers, many times at higher rates than their fair trade counterparts. It is because of this direct form of acquiring coffee beans that many growers are also offered special coffee training, yielding more consistent and reliable crops to make the perfect cup of coffee time after time.

Choosing the right roast can be the difference between incredible and standard, so choose wisely. 

Light Roast: Contains a higher caffeine content with an exuberant acidity.

Medium Roast: Contains a rounded smoothness and are generally of mild to sweeter acidity.

Dark Roast: Depending on the level, contains flavors derived from the roasting process (charred, oily, bold).